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  • Return

    Return your worn, scuffed or damaged Shopfittings & Merchandising Equipment and we will refurbish them to 'As New' condition

    We can renew Metal, Wooden, Plastic or Composite items either to pre-existing condition or a completely new colour scheme & finish of your choice.

  • Renew

    Renew your Shopfittings & Merchandising Equipment to as new condition using a wide selection of finishes;

    Re-coating of coloured items to pre-existing or new colour schemes, re-finishing of plated, polished, composite, plastic or wooden items

    We can give your parts a new 'Life Cycle' at a fraction of the cost of scrapping old ones and purchasing new.

  • Re-use

    Re-finished parts can be used to freshen up specific areas of retail outlets or exchanged with existing worn or scuffed parts to modernise and upgrade the complete shop.

    Re-using parts also makes a useful addition to your corporate 'green credentials' as renewing parts is much more eco friendly and a useful tick in the box on your environmental policy.


A Comprehensive End to End Service.

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Re-Tail provide a complete End to End service dealing with the collection, handling, processing, storage and return of your renovated parts. We can collect and deliver parts to and from either individual stores or central depots ensuring that parts are collected and returned in a speedy and efficient way.

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Goods received are counted/identified and the relevant information is loaded onto the Re-Tail Database. Each customer has password protected access to their information and can carry out a variety of actions such as viewing the status & condition of parts and placing orders for the delivery or collection of parts to and from stores or depots.


Renew your Shopfittings & Merchandising Equipment to 'as new' condition using a wide selection of finishes.

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We can refinish your parts to 'As New' condition either a pre-existing finish or to an entirely new colour scheme or finish. Our finishes include:

  • Powder Coating of metal parts to all B.S. & RAL colours.
  • Chrome Plating
  • Anodising of aluminium parts
  • Re-finishing of wooden, composite & plastic items.

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Instead of scrapping old and tired shopfittings and merchandising equipment let us refinish your parts and give them a new 'Life Cycle'.

This process can save a lot of money and be a cost effective way to 'Freshen Up' stores in a faster time compared to ordering new parts.


Refinished parts are returned to your individual stores or central depot.

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Call off your refurbished parts as and when required from our storage facility.

Create a new look with minimum capital expenditure and disruption.

Freshen up specific areas quickly and efficiently or refurbish a complete store using different colour schemes and finishes.

Eco Friendly; Re-using parts is much more energy efficient and less harmful to the environment.

Colour Samples

Colour Samples

Colour Samples

If you would like a box of our sample colours and keep up to date with new finishes as they arrive please email


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